Three Books,

Three Revolutionary Secrets.

TOUR TEMPO  started the revolution with its groundbreaking discoveries that shattered the paradigms on rhythm in the golf swing. But it also delivered the simple and effective Tour Tempo tones so golfers of all abilities could swing faster and employ the 3:1 ratio used by the greatest players of today and yesterday. The Result: Longer and Straighter shots… with less thinking!

TOUR TEMPO 2  continued the work of the original with a focus on the short game and a new ratio. The 2:1 ratio and the new Tour Tempo short game tones. The Result: wedge shots, chips and putts closer to (or in) the hole!

TOUR TEMPO FORCE  delivers the third secret by combining the tenets of Tour Tempo with the physics of harmonic oscillators and pendulums, explaining how you can optimize your long and short games by applying the proper force in the backswing and downswing. Specific drills are explained and demonstrated, plus for the first time in 10 years, we introduce new Tour Tempo tones. The Result: more focus and more speed!


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The Tour Tempo Total Game app is at the heart of everything we do.

John Novosel Jr.

John Novosel Jr. is the Co-Creator of Tour Tempo. Tour Tempo is the best selling book published by Doubleday and is a 5 star app for iOS. In addition to TT, he has patented or co-patented 4 swing training aids. He recently authored Tour Tempo Force, which hit #1 on Apple books for all sports.

He has given thousands of ’speed lesson’s to golfers of all abilities from Major Champions thru beginners. He also walks the walk, at 52 years old he produces swing speeds over 130 mph and has competed in long drive events, his longest drive in competition is 402 yards.

John has presented his concepts on Tempo, Speed and Power around the globe including seminars with PGA Sweden, PGA Holland, PGA Germany, PGA of America, the World Golf Fitness Summit and many others.

He has certifications with TPI, SSC Golf, and has his own certification program for Tour Tempo Speed Instructors.

I have been lnvolved in long drive and speed development for many years and I always try and work with the best. For me John Novosel Jr. is the best speed trainer on the planet and I have used his speed training tones, equipment and training routines for many years. His new Force feelings and tones add another level to his training and speed gains. If you are serious about getting faster and bringing maximum force to your swing he is the go to man.

Lee Cox / Director of Golf, The Shire London

I played men’s league and had some CAREER drives, several 300-320. Nearly all were in fairway. Until last month drives were in 270-280 range. Not only that—I shot a career best 30 (-6) for 9 holes. Four birdies, thanks to shorter irons/wedges off of the longer drives. And a chip in for eagle—from next to green on a par five, on a hole I usually can’t reach in two..! Just shows me what I suspected, that if I can gain ~20yds+ consistently it will help my scores a LOT. Already has. Needless to say we won our match. So, THANK YOU!!

Joel A.

Hi, John, I am sorry to keep flooding you with emails, but I am just so excited about your TT Force book. Wow! And I am only through two thirds of the book. I just finished the chapter about the case studies and the things required to enhance speed. I don’t do any of those things now! All four of the drills (e.g. the arms up drill) are places where I know that I am deficient. In six weeks (or whenever we get together) I will be much improved in all of them.

I have never seen any book that delves into long hitting as well as this book does. Hopefully, when we get together, you can fine tune, or even gross tune, my swing for some added pop. I will try to not keep alarming you with every revelation that I come across in Force.

Thanks for a great book. For what it’s worth, while I got a lot out of the initial part of the book, these latest couple of chapters have been eyeball popping. I can’t wait to get back to the book.

Art S.

With 36 years of competitive amateur and professional golf, working with John and performing his drills was the most fun I’ve ever had with an instructor. With little or no more added effort I went from 255 to a 293 carry just after seven swings, and that was the real fun! His approach brought out the athleticism in my golf swing.

Paul N. / 51 yr. old St. Louis Golfer

Towards a Biomechanical Understanding of Tempo in the Golf Swing

Robert D. Grober
Department of Applied Physics
Yale University

Jacek Cholewicki
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Yale University

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Robert D. Grober
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